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An original, proof of work Blockchain
for decentralised Apps.
Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt
What is SushiChain?
SushiChain is a CPU only proof of work blockchain. We wrote it from scratch using the Crystal programming language. Yes! You read that correctly we didn't fork another existing blockchain we wrote our own using concepts from Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Writing the code ourselves really gave us a great understanding of the inner workings of a blockchain and also gave us the freedom to implement our own ideas as well as take inspiration from other blockchains.
We believe that the future is not going to be dominated by a few large blockchains but instead by many smaller chains each with their own specific features and solutions to problems.
SushiChain has several really great features built-in to the core blockchain.
CPU only mining CPU only mining CPU
CPU only mining
We want everyone to benefit from mining and not just those who can afford expensive mining rigs.
This is why we use the award winning Argon2d hashing algorithm which is ASIC and GPU mining resistant. It means anyone with regular consumer hardware can participate.
Distributed Distributed
Decentralised app platform
We want to be the go to platform for developing dApps
We will provide a developer portal, tools and tutorials covering everything needed to get started building a range of dApps.
Wallet Wallet
Human readable addresses
You can optionally acquire a human readable address which is much easier to remember and use. You can also put yours up for sale or buy names that have been put up for sale.
Two Factor Auth Two Factor Auth
Two factor authentication
You can optionally turn on distributed two factor authentication which provides more security when sending transactions.
What can you do with it?
There are already plenty of proof of work blockchains that just allow currency transactions so our focus is on providing a platform for businesses and developers to build decentralised applications (dApps) quickly and cheaply. We have taken a slightly different approach to other chains in this space by not implementing on chain smart contracts.
We believe that there are an endless list of products and projects that don't need the kind of functionality that smart contracts were designed for. Instead we have a plugin-style architecture where you run your own node connected to the network and you can implement any logic you need in the node.
We also have the concept of Smart Assets which are similar in a way to smart contracts but only allow mutation of an asset - more about this further down. We also have a full public API so you can write dApps in any language.
Apps are on the rise - everybody loves apps especially mobile apps and there is an ever increasing demand for new and interesting apps. We would like to be the go to platform for building the new breed of apps - decentralised, secure and powered by blockchain technology.
Smart Assets
SushiChain will feature a Smart Assets system which you can use to create a mutable asset within the immutable blockchain. An asset can be registered on the blockchain and is defined by a set of properties. These properties can be mutated and have logic applied to them via companion code.
Our smart asset language is called Taro which compiles down to bytecode and is stored immutably within the blockchain. Using Taro you can write smart asset code which can mutate an assets properties. Smart assets can be invoked via transactions and queried via an asset API.
Imagine a game asset such as a sword which has a set of properties. It has attack and defence points. Companion code could be written to increase the swords attack and defence points as the asset levels up within a game. The code would be able to impose minimum and maximum values for the properties or cause related properties to change based on specific state within the asset.
Core Platform
The developer portal will be the main gateway into SushiChain for people who want to build dApps. It will have a wide range of support tools, tutorials and other helpful materials. In addition to the core feature of building dApps we plan to have several related and supporting components.
  • dApp store

    The dApp store will be a one stop location to find new dApps that people have built on the platform. Similar to other popular app stores it will have reviews, comments and ratings.

  • Integrated wallet & chat

    We will build a cross platform GUI light wallet with a built in secure chat capability. Secure chat will also be able to perform wallet functionality such as checking balances and sending transactions.

  • Social media integration

    We will provide a set of integrations for well known social media and chat platforms to provide similar but more restricted wallet functionality within the chat.

  • Crypto exchange

    We intend to build a crypto exchange which in phase 1 will facilitate exchange of custom tokens with the default SUSHI token. In later phases more functionality will be added.

  • Payments hub

    This will provide dApp builders with the capability to add shopping baskets, stores and simple payment plugins to their dApp to support paying for things in both the default SUSHI token as well as a custom token.

  • Planned dApps

    The SushiChain team also plan to release several of our own dApps which will run on the SushiChain platform. The first dApp we plan to release is an online competitive trading card game called Guardians of Axum. You can find more information about our Guardians of Axum game at www.guardiansofaxum.com.

Guardians of Axum
Guardians of Axum is an online competitive turn based trading card game. Players buy decks of collectible cards and battle them out against each other in tournaments.
You can find more information about our Guardians of Axum game at www.guardiansofaxum.com.
Coin Specification
Each miner that is mining against a node which mints a new block receives a prorated amount of SUSHI based on their contribution to finding hashes. The total block reward is 0.5 SUSHI from which miners and the node itself receive their rewards.
The block spacing is determined using a custom algorithm that ensures a new block is minted between 10 and 40 seconds. Initially the block spacing is calculated on a per block basis until 720 blocks are reached after which the spacing is determined by the average elapsed time across the 720 blocks.
Coin name
Coin ticker
Block reward
Miner reward
Prorated on contribution
Block spacing
10 to 40 seconds
2,000,000 SUSHI (10%)
Total supply
20,000,000 SUSHI
20 Blocks
Minimum txn fee
0.0001 SUSHI
PoW mining algorithm